Why PaySmarti

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PaySmarti pay by phone parking is as simple to implement as it is to use. Find out how our cashless parking payment platform can match your business goals.

PaySmarti cashless parking. Smarter for your customers. Smarter for you.

PaySmarti is the new cashless parking payment service that lets the public pay for parking via the Web, Text, or Phone using their credit or debit card.

There are now over 25 million smartphones in use in the UK. So our dynamic cashless payment system uses familiar technology your customers already carry around with them to reduce operating costs, improve parking revenues and streamline payment processes.

PaySmarti is simple to implement in any car park.

You may not be able to take away the stresses of driving. But you can make parking as pain-free as possible. PaySmarti provides a quick, easy and secure way for your customers to pay on the move, with no need for loose change, a ticket, or rushing back to extend their parking time.

Anyone operating a pay and display car park can sign up with PaySmarti. PaySmarti can operate in parallel to your existing system. Our friendly sales staff will guide you through setting up your account and the only infrastructure change required is a new sign. Our state-of-the-art IT platform supports a range of customer-friendly cashless parking solutions.

Paying for parking requires no registration but once your customers have given us a few more details, they can use their account to make faster payments, access their account history and VAT receipts.

Benefits for customers

  • Quick, easy and secure cashless payments
  • No need to find the right change. No tickets.
  • Remote parking extensions
  • Optional parking expiry SMS reminders
  • VAT receipts emailed directly.

Benefits for operators

  • Quick to set up and easy to manage
  • Low cost credit and debit card payment
  • No need to upgrade or replace your machines
  • No ticket litter
  • Instant enforcement checks
  • Reduced cash collections, less processing and simpler banking
  • Fewer incorrect PCNs and appeals lowers costs
  • Ends losses from ticket transfer, fraud, theft and vandalism
  • Manage your parking in both on and off-street locations